Friday, April 22, 2011

Back in business and Thrift store find

Today has been a productive and busy day.

My daughter is getting ready for the May Fair and we are working on a pair of pajama pants and shorts. She is finishing up her other entries as well, poems, jewelry and her quilt. Nothing like waiting until the last day to get everything finished!

And my friend Carla's husband fixed my quilting machine yesterday so that was picked up early this morning and I had to try it out to make sure it worked :) Four quilts so far.

I'm finding that the vibration is bothering my wrist more than holding the machine. I got a handle for the machine and I have to hold it with my left hand. I'm having to learn to draw lefthanded. Not an easy task! I'm wearing my brace while quilting and taking frequent breaks. Don't want to ruin a good thing. I will be icing my wrist and taking things slowly here so as not to hurt myself.

Lots of quilt tops to work through this vacation week!

Here's what I found today at the thrift store for $3.50. It's an electric scissors. They are pretty cool for trimming up the quilts. Just a push of a button and zzzzzzzzip, they go quick like through the fabric and batting. Of course, that is more vibrations for my wrist, so they may go to my friend, Rhoda, the binding beast for when she gets all of these quilts to bind!

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