Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why we pay so much to live in California

 So our trip to Colorado was finished up yesterday and my son was ecstatic with the snow we got.  This was almost the full extent of our snow experience.  My mom asked if we didn't have warm clothing to wear and I told her that out here in California this was about as warm as it gets.
 My son was so happy he got to make a snowball and throw it.  Of course when he went out in bare feet, his first comment was, "It's COLD!"  I'm not sure what exactly he expected snow to be.  When the snow melted on his jacket, it got wet and that was a surprise for him too.  Poor little guy just had no experience with the white stuff and it was a bit confusing.
 Watching the news today, they are saying it is 2 degrees in Colorado today.  I'm sure glad we got out of there when we did.  We would have frozen to death for sure.
This trip will be very memorable for many reasons.  My son says his favorite part of the trip was the snow.  eventhough he was only out in it for five minutes, the look of pure joy on his face tells the whole story.  He's been looking forward to snow for a long time.  Now that he's experienced it and we didn't have to drive in it, he's happy to say he's been to the snow.  I wonder what else he has on his list of must do things.

I think it was 70 here today in California.  It's supposed to rain tonight.  My kind of weather. :)

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Calicojoan said...

Yep, I'm freezing in Colorado, and wishing I lived with you! LOL! It's fun to see someone enjoy it though!