Monday, November 17, 2014

My son's Robotics team

 My son has been mentoring a robotics team for 4 years at his old elementary school.  Since he is a senior this year, this is his final year.  He has worked really hard this year and was hoping this year to win some awards and go on to the next level.  He goes over after school (after taking an extra class) four days a week to spend about 2-3 hours a day mentoring the group of kids and help them learn programming and building the robots out of legos.  They have to make a presentation and poster or power point about some form of technology.
Here's his mentor and 6th grade teacher.  She says after this year she's done with robotics as well because there will be nobody to mentor the team with her.  The whole team was disappointed they didn't win anything.  The kids really had a great time learning and looked so cute in their costumes today and I'm sure many will go on in high school and beyond.  My son learned a lot about working with kids and leadership skills.  So although he didn't achieve the outcome he had hoped for, he's learning a lot about life through the loss.

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