Monday, November 10, 2014

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

 On Sunday, after visiting the college, we had lunch downtown Golden and then stopped in at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.  They had a display of quilts from Japan.  They were mostly made from silk.
 The quilts were beautiful and it was nice to see quilts that were way out of my comfort zone for things I normally make.  most of these quilts took the artist years to make and were hand made and hand quilted.
 This was a little quilt and oh, so cute.
This was my mom's favorite
.  Each circle was hand stitched down and not the cheater way!  I can't even imagine taking the time to do that, but I do love the outcome when finished.  I'm beginning to learn to admire all types of quilt for their beauty, but do have to say that quilts made to cover for warmth are still my favorite
This was one of my favorites.  I love the small flowers and the hand quilting.  It was a small quilt, but I'm sure it still took a long time to finish.
 A great way to enjoy a quilt show when quilts aren't your thing.  At least they had a bench to rest on for those who would rather read a book or play a video game.  My dad found a book on the relief efforts after the tsunami in 2011.  I asked if they had anything about our group sending the 1144 quilts and he said not specifically.  That would have been cool if we had been mentioned. :)

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