Wednesday, November 26, 2014


 Thanks to my daughter for the best campus tour at UCLA.  She really knows her way around the school now that she's been there for just over a year.  She took us all over the campus in the dark and showed my son the side of the school he would attend if he decided to go there.

 I just love the architecture of the older buildings.  This one was made by an Amish architect and there are 53 differences between the right and left side of the building.  I've seen this building many times and never noticed it.  See how the right side has two columns and the left has three?  How obvious is that, but I never noticed until my daughter pointed it out.
 My favorite part is the library, where on the floor are tiles that look like quilt blocks.  So many details that didn't have to be there, but just make everything so beautiful.

 She took us upstairs in the Math Science building, which starts on the 4th floor and has no first floor and has a couple of telescopes on the roof.  You get a good view of the campus from up here.

 Another building on campus looks like a castle.  Who would think a California University in the middle of LA would be so beautiful?
 This is the biggest lecture hall on campus that holds 400 students.
 I just can't get over how much my daughter has matured this year.  She's also got so many friends.  Everywhere we went, people were saying 'hi' to her.  Made this momma proud of her.

 Of course the obligatory picture with the bronze mascot statue.  It's a bruin, which is a Grizzly bear.
 And then dinner in the dorms.  Yes, those were my desserts.  I walked 15,000 steps yesterday so I earned both.  Of course, my son stole the chocolate pie from me after I took one bite.  He ate a lot of food and declared UCLA dorm food the best out of all the campus food we've eaten so far.

Today we've decided to skip Cal State Fullerton and just go to California Institute of Technology because they are still protesting on the freeways down here.

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