Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I'm taking back my house! For real this time

After visiting my parents' house and then coming home to my messy abode, I've decided that I really need to create a tidy place to come home to.  Just walking in the front door and having to step over piles of fabric, bags of unpacked canned goods in the kitchen, stacks of water bottles and piles of clean laundry waiting to be folded on the couch.  I just have too many things I'm trying to do at one time and not enough time focused on making a comfortable home for my own family.

That ends today.

My son even commented that he really liked how clean his grandparents' home was and how nice it was to be able to find a place to sit without having to move things.

I want my kids to feel welcome when they come home just like I did.  I love going home and need to find ways to go home more often.  Traveling to Colorado from California by plane is really a nice trip.  It takes about 2 hours to fly and if it didn't take so long to go through airport security, park, take the shuttle and wait to load the plane, you could make a weekend trip out of it.

This morning we left Denver and it was 13 degrees.  They had to de-ice the plane and I'm not exactly sure what that involved.  We had to wait on the runway for about 40 minutes for our turn to get sprayed with something that looked just like water, but I'm sure was a chemical that froze at a much lower temperature.  There were lots of planes lined up and lots of trucks with guys in cranes spraying all of the planes.  The pilot must have been flying extra fast because it only added 20 minutes to our flight time.  When we got into Sacramento, the temperature had risen to 63 degrees, much more to my liking!  Everything is still green around here, except for a few trees that are brilliant red/orange/yellow.  We do experience a bit of fall color.

If I'm going to be successful with my house attack plan, I had better spend some time every day getting rid of junk and organizing the stuff I want to keep.  I'm hoping to have a tidy house by the time my girls come home for Christmas.  They should both arrive on December 18.  That gives me 5 weeks and having a deadline can light a fire under me.

I had a great time and was migraine free, but the stress of travel today brought on a migraine so I'm trying to beat it with distraction and some extra water.

It is good to be home.  Tomorrow is back to work for 8 days before Thanksgiving break.

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jirons42 said...

between your teaching and your quilting for others, you do way more than your share for the larger community. Time spent for yourself and your family will be good. It is amazing how stressful a messy house can be - ask me how I know!