Monday, November 24, 2014

9 is oh so fine

Here is quilt number 9 in the 45 quilts in 45 days challenge.

Another trick I use to get quilts done so quickly is to try and get as many quilts and backings matched up to the thread that is already on the machine.  I know, changing thread isn't such a big deal, but again, that 5 minutes it takes to change the thread color, adds up.  5 minutes to load the backing and 5 minutes to change thread color multiplied times 45 quilts and, well, it's a good things I'm not a math teacher because I can't do that math in my head.  I'm happy for Mr. Calculator man who invented the calculator.  I use it a lot!

Today my son and his girlfriend and I will be traveling to So. Cal to visit colleges.  We will be going to Harvey Mudd (can you say full ride scholarship or it's only a dream school?), UC Irvine and UCLA where my daughter attends.  

Should be an interesting trip.  We are hoping to visit Harvey Mudd today and then Irvine in the morning Tuesday and the kids will stay overnight at UCLA to see what dorm life will be like.  My daughter has offered to host them.  She has a couch and floor space and hopefully her room mates are ok with some visitors.  They will go to class with her either Tuesday evening or Wed morning to see what classes are like and then we are on our way home on Wednesday.  A short trip, but it will be nice to get away and see my daughter in her element.  She has so may friends in college, which is so different from high school.  She was not the popular kid, just had a close circle of friends.  Her Valedictorian speech included a line which said, I was excited to reach double digits in friends when I joined the D&D group (Dungeon and Dragon club) so I don't know most of you.  Sorry about that.  

I wish I could teleport instead of driving for 7 hours each way, but hopefully the company will be good and the kids don't sleep the whole time.

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