Saturday, November 29, 2014

How many tumbler quilts is too many?

14 of 45

So my friend Nancy can do fancy tumbler quilts, but she's also an expert and the Kitchen Sink variety.  You know, the leftover scrappy, here's all the bits and pieces quilt.  If it were up to me, most of these bits would have ended up as a dog bed, but no, not my friend Nancy.  She saved them and then cut them with the Accuquilt Studio fabric cutter and then sewed them together to make a quilt. She is very frugal and I love her for that!  She has her daughter and four grandkids living with her (and their 4 dogs-and her own 4 dogs) and she still manages to find time to put together all of these great quilt tops for me.  She also has plans to come over this summer and pull out all 100 buckets of fabric from my shed and cut them all up into useable pieces and then sew them all together.  Yes, she most likely is insane, but I'm not telling her that and I'm NOT calling the guys with the white jacket just yet.  I'll wait until she's cut up all the fabric first.

Oh, did I mention that she teaches special education.  Being a bit crazy helps with that.  Those a some special kids who need lots of extra patience.  She's great at finding homes for lots of the quilts because she listens to her kids too and really makes them feel extra special.

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