Friday, November 21, 2014

This is number 6

If this is 6 of 45, that means there are 39 days left this year.  What?  How's that possible?  Time is racing past so quickly.  Is it because I'm getting so old?

We have a whole week off for Thanksgiving and I have great plans to clean, organize and purge lots of things to make ready for when my girls come home for Christmas in a month.  I hope that I can stick with my plan to make things ready for them.  My son and I (and his girlfriend) have plans to take a trip down to Southern California to visit some colleges for three days.  I'm hoping to make a couple trips to the local thrift store, not only to pick up some more funny t shirts, but also to drop off lots of things we no longer need.

I also have to make a decision pretty soon about my old dog, Mandy.  She's having a hard time walking and is getting so skinny.  She has a really hard time standing up.  She keeps having accidents in the house and can't make it from the garage to the backyard which is only 20 feet away.  She's almost 15 years old.  She's a boxer/lab mix so has had a very long, happy life, but it's still a very hard decision to make.  I worked for a veterinarian for 3 summers and know what the Vet will say when I take her in.  I don't think there is anything he can do to help her live much longer.  Such a sad time when owning a pet.

I got a phone call on my cell phone this morning around 3:45am.  It was the police calling to let me know they were coming in my backyard.  There was a report of suspicious activity in my yard and they were coming to check it out.  How nice is that?  I checked and sure enough, someone had been in my backyard.  The gate was left open.  I didn't see anything taken and my cars out front were unlocked.  Good thing I don't have anything worth taking, or at least things people see as valuable.  I still haven't unloaded my van from Sunday's quilt day and there are a lot of valuables to me in there.

Why don't I lock my car you ask?  Mostly forgetfulness on my part.  I thought I had locked both my cars yesterday and live in a relatively safe neighborhood.  Several months ago, my husband and son's cars were broken into and they both lock their cars all the time.  Mine was unlocked and they didn't mess with anything.  Their cars were dug through and things thrown around, but nothing taken, even the money that was left in them.  It was all very strange.

But, I'm thankful that the police aren't too busy to watch out for us and hope that whatever they were looking for was found.  I also think it was funny that even my dogs didn't wake up.  The police must have been very, very quiet.  My dogs bark at everything!

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jirons42 said...

You are right about making a goal helping to get things done. I recently retired and find that if I don't have daily goals it's really easy to waste the day away.