Sunday, November 9, 2014

Colorado School of Mines

 My son is looking at colleges and one of his choices is Colorado School of Mines.
 We are out visiting this weekend and enjoying the beautiful campus.  We stopped in the library and got a campus map.  One of the guys said we could probably get one at the student center, but we had no idea where that was.  The school was originally a mining school, but also has a great engineering program.  My son wants to be a computer engineer with a dual major in statistics.  I know, strange kid!
 It was a gorgeous day for a walk around the campus.  We didn't see everything today and will be back tomorrow for a full campus tour and talk with the financial aid counselor.  I'm hopeful that if my son really likes the school (and gets in) they will offer him a nice financial aide package.
They had a lot of bronze statues everywhere around campus and around the city of Golden, Colorado.

 The buildings were beautiful.  Most of them were made of stone and had lots of architectural interest.  The campus was built on a big hill and every direction you walked was uphill, even going back downhill to the car was up hill!  You would definitely have to be in shape to get to your classes on time
The scenery on campus was just gorgeous.  There is a mountain next to the campus called Table Rock and we could see some people at the very top.  It looked really cool, but I'm afraid of heights so the thought of going up there scared me a bit.  I'm sure if my son attends this college, he will find some friends to venture up there one day.

The college was really quiet and very few students were around.  I'm sure tomorrow will give us a better feel of what college life will be like.  I'm hoping to see the dorms and get to eat in the dining commons.  I can tell a lot about a college by the food. :)  That's my favorite part about a college tour!

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Farm Quilter said...

A couple of kids from my little town (900) are going to that school and love it! They are both the kids of the doctor in town. I think both of them are in engineering programs. I hope he finds the right university for him! And one that is close enough so he can visit home easily!!