Thursday, November 20, 2014

Having a goal is 3/4 the battle

By having the goal of 45 quilts in 45 days I now go do some stitching instead of just veg on the couch when I come home from work.  I also get a little stitching in before school every morning.  Just a little bit of time here and there and the quilts get done.  While one quilt is stitching, I search the backing fabrics and try my best to match a quilt top to some backing fabric so I always have the next quilt or two ready for when one is finished.  Having a plan for what to do next is more than half the battle.

I have a cold this week and normally that means sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself.  My older son has it way worse.  He went to the doctor and got antibiotics because it turned into a sinus infection.  He actually stayed home from school on Tuesday because he was walking death on Monday.  He had a bit of a cold when we went to Colorado last weekend and of course, he never rests.  If you think I'm busy, multiply that by 10 and you might get a small idea of what he does.  He had a band thing all day Saturday and then Robotics Sunday.  He gives everything he has to every event he participates in and then some.  He's starting to feel human again after sleeping 9 hours a night for the past few days.

I'm glad we have just two more days and then a whole week off for Thanksgiving.  We will be going to visit colleges next week and to see my daughter at UCLA, but for the most part, just enjoying time off and grading papers and lab books.

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