Tuesday, January 21, 2014

so happy Rebecca is fixed

While poor Rebecca was having her issues, I couldn't do any quilting, so I had to sew.  I got this quilt top cut out and sewn in under 3 hours.  It's for the leader of the group Layers of Hope, Quilting 911 a charity group that makes quilts for 911 dispatchers and other first responders who need a quilty hug.  I was hoping to get it quilted up this week and in the mail on the weekend.  Now that Rebecca is working better than ever, I'm quilting up the last of the backing fabric and should have it on the machine tomorrow.

 I had this duck quilt already done, but since I do three quilts at a time, it was stuck and I couldn't show it to you.  The quilting pattern is a loon, but since they are both water birds, I figured close enough.  Some little boy is going to love this quilt.
 This is the quilt that was stuck on the machine when she got sick.  Who would have thought putting spiders and dinosaurs together with some red hearts and flowers would be so cute, but it all works.  Again, another cute boy quilt ready for binding.  I took all three quilts to work today and then went home to be bound.  I love that we have so many people working together to make this process so quick.
And finally the third quilt that was on the machine.  I think this is quilt #20 for the year.  And today is day 21.  I have another quilt on the machine now, so I'm one for one so far.  Think I can keep up the pace?

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