Thursday, January 2, 2014

Acupuncture today

 I went in for my acupuncture appointment today and am not quite ready to pass judgement on the whole thing quite yet.  I went in with a migraine and came out with a migraine and it got really bad right before lunch.  So, I'm not saying the whole thing helped or hurt, seems about like a typical day so far.  The whole thing took about an hour and a half.  The lady was super nice and said she is 80-100% helpful for 'women my age' with my symptoms.  She believes hormones are responsible for most of my troubles, especially with all the other things I have going on in my life.  She gave me some homework, looking into something called 'Tapping' which I saw on an episode of Dr. Oz (I don't watch it often, but when there is something about migraines, a friend will mention it to me and tell me to watch it) and also told me to try and get a massage.  She said many women carry stress in their neck and shoulders and that can limit the blood flow to the brain (although the current theory on migraines is too much blood flow to the brain causes them, so I'm not so sure about that part) but I think my husband could use a massage so I was going to look into getting a couples discount.  I've never had a professional massage and am a little creeped out by having a stranger touch me, but if it can get rid of migraines, I'm ready to try almost anything.

I have two more appointments, two weeks apart and will have to miss two school days for them, but again, I'm ready to try almost anything now to get some relief.  Out of the last 80 or so days, I've had 67 days of migraines.  Yeah, that's a lot.

She thought it was really funny that I asked her to take my picture and she took a whole bunch saying she was trying to take some 'artsy' angles.  She was really funny and made me laugh until tears came out.  If nothing else, I could use a good laugh every couple weeks, and a good nap for a half an hour :)

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Farm Quilter said...

Migraines are just awful! I had a TMJ headache for 6 months before I was approved for surgery. The pain meds did allow me to lay my head on a pillow without feeling as though my head was exploding. Never tried acupuncture but I love massages! It isn't weird as they are as clinical as a doctor and if you don't want them to massage anywhere, just tell them and they'll leave that part out. Having your face and head massaged...back...hands...feet...oh so wonderful and relaxing. Love deep tissue massage...can hurt while they are doing it, but it really releases the muscles. If it hurts too much, tell them because they can also bruise your muscles. It is best if a woman does a massage on a woman as our musculature is not as developed as a man's and a male massaging you can hurt because their hands are so strong. I really hope it helps. Have you tried essential oils for migraines? Camp Wander has a recipe that is supposed to help - not affiliated just find essential oils and their uses to be interesting.