Saturday, January 11, 2014

Look What I Made Link Up

I can't believe it is Saturday already!  This week has flown past so quickly, but dragged on at the same time.  How is it that time can warp like that?  My days are the same way.  Some classes move so slowly and others just zip by.  I try to plan my lessons so that the kids are always busy and I'm not spending all period talking, after all, who wants to listen to an old lady drone on and on about sciency type stuff for an hour?  The kids would much rather get some hands on fun playing with water or cutting up jelly like stuff and lighting things on fire.  They learn better by doing than just by listening.  Even if they are quiet, that doesn't mean their minds are engaged.  At least if they are talking, I know what they are thinking about.  I like a busy, noisy classroom and like to hear what the kids are thinking.  Their brains are trying to make connections and sometimes they say the funniest things.  Every day I am guaranteed to laugh at something someone says.  That's the best part about teaching high school.  Kids say the funniest things!

This week in class we were doing a lab that used sugar cubes to build a model of a cell.  They measured the sides of the cube and calculated how much surface area and volume the 'cell' had.  I gave the kids clean sugar cubes to eat so they wouldn't eat my models.  One of the kids was working and all of a sudden, the leg of his chair just gave way.  The whole chair just collapsed under him.  He went down to the ground with the chair.  He isn't an especially big kid so it was pretty funny that the chair just broke for no reason.  He is a funny kid and says, "I guess I shouldn't eat any more sugar cubes!"  Good thing he had a good sense of humor and didn't feel bad about that old chair.  I have no idea why the chair just decided to break at that moment, but we all had a good laugh about it.  You just never know what is going to happen.

I hope you had some good laughs in your week and I also hope you had some time for working on something fun too.  It's time for Look What I Made!  Link up here to your blog or picture hosting site so others can see what you've been working on too.  I love linky parties so I can visit other blogs and get some inspiration when I'm stuck in a rut and need to get my self into gear for working on more quilts.  Right now I have 4 quilts to make for young kids whose father just died suddenly over the Christmas break.  Their mother is a hairdresser and isn't able to work right now because she has no one to help her take the kids to and from school.  My friend, Nancy is a teacher at the school where the youngest attends.  I will be working on quilts for the kids and mom this weekend.

I also have two memory quilts to work on as well as many other quilts in the que.  I need to call my binding buddies and get the ones out that I have quilted.  I'm taking Monday off for a BTSA (teacher mentor thing), Tuesday is acupuncture and Friday is another BTSA day.  That's three days off next week which means lots of lesson planning.  I was after school for 1 1/2 hours on Friday getting ready for Mon/Tues.  Then next Monday is a holiday (yay) and next Sunday is Binky Sunday.  Lots of things to get ready for so off the computer and back to quilting, cleaning, planning, grading, yikes!  Too much to do.

Link up so others can see what you are doing.  And then get back to work :)

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