Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rebecca is very sick

Last night Rebecca, the Robotic quilting machine started giving me some troubles.  In the middle of a quilt, she gave me a 'stitch regulator not present' error code.  Well, of course the stitch regulator was there, I could see it with my own eyes.  But, she insisted it wasn't and there was no convincing her otherwise.  I had to unplug all the wires to the machine and black motor box before she finally agreed the stitch regulator was indeed actually still there.  Of course, that means she lost her place in the middle of the quilt.  No big deal, I would have to rip out a few stitches.  But, then she decides that she's going to have a big fit.  I called my tech guy, my 16 year old son, who helped me build the machine and knows more about computers than anybody I know (except maybe my brother) and he came out to help me fix it.  He says, well mom, you have a whole bunch of threads wrapped around the wheels.  That might be the trouble.  So we cleaned the wheels, but that didn't help.  Poor Rebecca kept making these horrible sounds.  So, we tightened her belts and cleaned her tracks and tried everything we could think of and she just kept complaining.

I made a video this morning so that when and if we do get her fixed, I will remember what we did and hopefully be able to help others in the same situation.

I'm having Binky Patrol today, so that will keep me busy, but I sure can't afford to have a broken machine for very long.  I will get backed up with quilts needing quilting.  Good thing I have my second machine on standby ready to go.  Poor Pierce has been mighty lonely since Rebecca showed up.  He's only been used a couple times and I think he's been a bit jealous.  You don't think he sabotaged her do you? :)

I'll be talking to Carla today to see if she's ever had this trouble with her machine.  The great thing about having Carla who's had her machine a few years longer than me is she's gone through most of the troubles ahead of me and can usually fix my problems.   I've already searched the internet and come up empty.  The manual has like 3 troublshooting tips and none of them are my problems.  Like they don't think your machine is ever going to have an issue.

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Joe Cullumber said...

We talked on the phone and I just wanted to answer here as to the problem. Your "XKD" value in the setup screen was off. By "resetting factory defaults" it brings this value back into its proper range. I think you saw, doing this on your system the robotics were then running as they should.
Joe @ Quilt-EZ