Saturday, January 25, 2014

never enough time in the day it seems

 Here's a quilt headed back to Margaret's Hope Chest.  It was sent to me to quilt.  I have one more to quilt up and then all three, plus a 4th one that is getting the binding put on it will be in the mail.  I will most likely fill the box with some others I have finished up.  Might as well make it a full box.  Again, if you have any quilt tops you would like to donate to the great cause they have and want me to quilt them for you, just click on the link on the right side of the blog for more information.  They donate to kids whose parents are in prison and also so women suffering postpartum depression.
 This is the quilt I'm working on for my friend at work whose intestines exploded last Saturday.  Just like when your appendix ruptures, her colon ruptured.  She had a 12 inch section removed and finally came home yesterday.
 What is this block called?  I just rearranged the pieces from the churn dash and I'm calling it twisted friendship block.  It pretty well describes the friendship with my best friend at work.  We are about the two most opposite people you would ever expect to be friends.  We have opposite views on almost everything you can imagine, religion, child raising issues, politics, 'global warming' :) but we are still best friends at work because we do agree on things like how important children are and the value of education.
 This is the quilt, ready to go back to Margaret's Hope Chest.
 you would think I would move these shoes from the 'picture staging area' :)  but, no, here they are again!

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