Sunday, January 19, 2014

Make a Difference Day

 How do you make a difference?  We got a bunch of donated fabric, a few people and three hours on a Sunday afternoon.  I brought 5 sewing machines that I picked up at thrift stores.  My friend Nancy brought two and one of our members brought one.  I brought my Accuquilt Studio fabric cutter and we laughed and worked on making quilts for kids.
 Only one of these kids had sewn before.  By the end of the afternoon, we had lots of fabric cut and about 3 quilts in various stages of completion.  We had blocks cut and ready to go home to be made into more quilts.  We had kids excited about helping kids who needed a warm hug.
 We had old, unwanted sewing machines that found new life.
 This guy picked sewing quilts over building robots.  His robotics team was meeting today to work on their team robot.  He said he would rather learn to sew and help other kids.  I'm glad he picked us. :)
 Want to know how you can get teenagers involved in helping?  Contact your local high school and ask for the National Honor Society, Key Club or S Club.  Ask for the advisor and see if they are interested in joining your group.  Contact your local quilt shop and see if they have a room available for a few hours.  Bring lots of fabric, lots of patience and be ready to laugh.  The kids have a great time learning a new skill.  Most schools don't teach home ec anymore.
 Carla even fixed one of the machines I brought.  One of the machines may be beyond repair. I'm going to let it sit with oil for a day and come back to it tomorrow.  It is pretty rusty.  I learned that I should check the machines to make sure they are at least turning before I buy them.  Even at $10 they aren't a deal if they don't work.  Maybe with a little oil and some TLC, the machine will come back to life.
But this Brother machine from the 50's was a great deal for $10.  It is a beauty in blue and sewed so nicely all afternoon.  This guy got a ton of blocks sewn together.  He ran out of blocks before the afternoon was over.

If you are ever in Vacaville, I encourage you to stop by A Quilted Heart.  They are celebrating 10 years in February.  It's a cute little quilt shop with very friendly staff and if they don't have something you need, they will special order whatever you are looking for.  Plus, they've let us meet there every other month.  We'd love to have you join us the 3rd Sunday of the odd months.

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