Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New to me digitized quilt design site


Just discovered this site tonight when I was supposed to be writing a test for class tomorrow.  Funny how easily I get side tracked and one thing leads to another.  She has some great quilting designs and lots of free stuff.  Free is always good.  Even if you don't have a computerized quilting machine, you can print off the ideas and either make up your own pantographs, or practice drawing the designs on a white board until you have muscle memory or you can draw out the designs on your quilts with chalk or erasable pencils and then quilt over them with your sewing machines.  I used to practice the designs on some paper over and over again until I could do them in my sleep and then quilt them from memory before I had my quilting machine.

Off to bed with me.  Today was a terrible migraine day.  Thursday is another acupuncture day.  The migraines are more severe, but I have managed a few days of no migraine in between the horrible days.  Is that an improvement?  I'm not sure.  But it is a change.

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