Thursday, January 2, 2014

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Just scroll down for the linky box.  I'm off this morning for my acupuncture appointment.  I hope it does something.  Anything.  And, I hope they don't poke the needles in too far to let the air out of my head :)

To all my friends in the way of the storm coming back east, I hope you have enough quilts to keep you warm.  I almost feel a little guilty it is so nice out here, but then get the PG&E bill and remember why it is so expensive to live in California.  We don't even have cold weather and it costs an arm an a leg to heat the house in the winter.  I can't even imagine if it ever did get cold around here.  I couldn't give away any quilts, we would all have to sleep with 27 quilts on our beds.  Yesterday it got to 68 degrees in the afternoon and I went out without a jacket.  It was very nice, but we do need some rain.  We've only had about 6 inches all year.

The girls and I went to the Goodwill outlet in Sacramento and my daughter was trying on some clothes.  She tried on a jacket that was too big and reached into the pocket and pulled out $15.  Now, for clothes to get to the outlet, they had to sit in the stores for months before they were finally rejected.  The Outlet is the final stop before being shipped off overseas.  I can't imagine how many people tried on this jacket and didn't reach into the pocket.  She was pretty excited.  Of course, I am the one spending all the money at that place :)  Trust me, they will get that $15 back and then some the next time I shop there.

The Goodwill outlet sells everything by the pound.  $1.39 at the one in Sacramento.  Clothes, purses, belts, etc.  We came out of there with 10 bags of stuff for $50.  I got three big sheets for quilt backs, one is a duvet cover that will be a wedding quilt backing that is the perfect colors the bride asked for. She will never know it came from the Goodwill outlet :)  I love that I can repurpose things.  I also got 4 shirts with really cool prints that will be added to quilts.  100% cotton fabric for pennies.  No, I do not need more fabric, but I saved it from a landfill somewhere.  If you have an outlet near you, you have to at least check it out.  It is an experience.

Be prepared to dig through sometimes stinky clothes (some stains are questionable) you might want to bring gloves.  Be prepared to get pushed and shoved, you can just walk away.  Some of the people there are making a living off the clothes they buy.  They resell them at flea markets or on ebay and they will fight you for the 'good stuff'.  I'm not sure what they see in some of the stuff they grab.  I go for the tshirts and the bed sheets and cotton shirts and even found a few nice dress pants (I will probably never wear-but now I have some in case there is a dress pants emergency at work or something) but they are looking for specific things and they will grab and shove you to get them.  Just be prepared for that.  They have carts piled high with stuff and will hoard the carts.  Be patient waiting for a cart if you go later in the day, or bring your own cart or stroller or wagon.

Plan on spending one to two hours and then leave.  They bring out new stuff every thirty minutes or so and you could be there all day if you let yourself.  Just decide ahead of time how long you want to stay or how much stuff you want to get because it does get addicting and you can wind up spending all day there and not realize you've been there so long.  The hunt is part of the fun for me.  What's in the next bin?  What else can I find?  I like going looking for something specific, like yesterday looking for manly colors and prints and when I had several, being ok to leave without the black sheet I was also looking for.  My girls are really good at finding designer clothes that actually fit them.  My oldest has an entire closet of clothes from the Thrift store.  She's pretty amazing.  We never buy clothes at a retail shop anymore.

Ok, have to get ready to get stuck with needles now.  I'm actually excited.  Wish me luck :)

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Needled Mom said...

It sounds like a great adventure. I'll have to check and see if they have one near me ;-)