Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cat quilt

How's this for a really cool quilt?  I've added it to my to do list for the year.  Not that I will actually get it done, but hey, it's on the list, so at least there is a chance now :)  I'm supposed to be grading and I've been sitting on the computer for the last hour looking at quilts and checking Facebook.

My husband's brother had heart surgery on Friday and it looks like they didn't fix things.  They will be trying to treat his over excited heart with medicine now.  His heart is enlarged and beats too fast.  They put in a pacemaker/defibrillator which is supposed to shock his heart into slowing down.  That did its job, but kept shocking him and the heart didn't slow down so they went in and killed off a nerve in the heart that was overstimulated.  The problem is there are several nerves that are overstimulated.  They can't destroy the other nerves because they are too close to the blood vessels that are feeding the important parts of the heart.  So they are hoping to fix the trouble with medicines.  He may come home from the hospital on Tuesday.  His name is Rex and prayers are appreciated.


Sue Niven said...

prayers to you and your husband, My thoughts are with you at this moment. I hope they sort it out really soon. xxx

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