Monday, January 6, 2014

California Mission

My son is in 4th grade this year and is learning about California Missions.  His oldest sister is home right now and helped him make this mission for his school project.  Way back, when my older sister was in 4th grade, about 40 years ago, my dad helped her make a mission, very similar to this.  Her teacher liked the idea so much, she told her teacher friend who told a friend and so on until all kids in 4th grade across the state were making Mission projects.  My son didn't have to make a project (because too many parents complained they didn't have money to make the project anymore--they have money for a cell phone but not a mission-yikes) so it's an extra credit project now.  My daughter had a great time remembering when she had to make hers.  My son is a minimalist and would have been happy just doing the required report.  But he is happy to have the project done and I'm happy for the help.

What do you think dad, does it pass inspection?  Do you think his teacher will realize he got some help? :)

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