Thursday, January 30, 2014

2 quick cuties and puppy update

 I took the dog to the SPCA and he wasn't microchipped.  They said they would keep him 2 weeks and the put him up for adoption.  I came home and when my husband came home about an hour later, a neighbor boy came riding up on his bicycle asking if he had seen a little black dog running around.  Funny how he described him.  The neighbor is a friend of our son's and I had noticed his front door open all day, but the car was in the driveway and I didn't remember them having a dog.  Maybe they just got it and maybe they didn't take that car to work today.  I'm guessing someone didn't shut the door very well this morning when they left for school/work and the dog got out.  I feel bad for not waiting longer before taking the dog in and hope they didn't have to pay too much to get the dog back.  But it did make me think about getting my dogs microchipped and making sure they wear their collars.  I take them off when I give them a bath and then forget to put them back on again.  Luckily my dogs haven't run away.  When my big dog got out once, a friendly neighbor brought her back.  I've taken her out for enough walks that people recognize me and know where she belongs.  Lessons learned today.  Don't open your door for strange dogs :) unless you want to spend the day worrying about finding their home and I really need to give my dogs a bath!  That puppy sure smelled better than my dogs.
On the quilting end, here's a couple little quilts that were quick to get done.  I've really got to blast through some of these quilt tops.  I will be counting the number of quilts quilted at the end of each month this year and am hoping to get one quilt done for each day of the month.  A lofty goal, but seems doable with the robotic machine as long as she's working properly.  I got a phone call from Nurse Family Partnership asking for more quilts and I don't have a stash handy.  I have to put a phone call in to my binding buddies to see what they have ready for me and keep Rebecca working overtime this weekend.  I have the fabric, I have the batting, I have the quilt tops and I have the volunteers ready to bind, I just have to organize myself to coordinate everything so it works together.  I need a better system in place to keep all the plates spinning in the same direction.  If only the acupuncture would start working faster so I didn't have to slow down for the migraines.  But, we play with the cards we are dealt.  One more day of work this week and then it's play time :)  I hope you are keeping busy too.  We got about 1/10 of an inch of rain last night and you would think we won the lottery.  The weather people can't stop talking about the rain!  We haven't had any for 50 days and no more is in sight.  The trees are blooming and it feels like spring.  Sorry to all of you having so much winter.  You can send us the water, we will keep the warm weather.

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