Friday, January 17, 2014

Project Linus quilts

I have to post this link here so I can find it later.  It has lots of cute quilts for small cuddle quilts.  It's a project linus page and you know they make lots of quilts for kids.  We have a local Project Linus that has been getting a lot of publicity lately.  I think it's great we have another charity group in our area that is helping meet the needs of kids in crisis.  There can never be too many helping hands making blankets for kids.  It's funny because we had one lady who was very active in our group for years.  She hasn't been coming for about a year now and I hadn't heard from her.  There was a story about Project Linus last week in the paper and there she was in the picture helping to make and fold the blankets.  I'm happy she found a new home with the other group.  I'm really not at all upset that she switched groups because our Binky Patrol group has been taken over by a lot of teenagers. :)  Some 'older' ladies can't handle the energy and enthusiasm of the younger generation.  Some days I can't handle it either!  And I'm only 25 :)  I had a visiting student from the special ed program in my class today.  His teacher wanted him to see what a general education classroom was like and just how much work was expected from a student.  He has been complaining that they are asking him to do too much.  I'm not sure what his disability was because he fit right into my classroom.  But, he made me laugh because he said I reminded him of his grandma.  He says his grandma says she is 30.  Um, was that a compliment?

I told the kids when you get to my age, you can pick any age and just stick with it, but it takes practice doing the math.  Like when they ask me what year I was born, I have to count backwards, because every year it changes.  And, I keep getting younger when I had my first child.  Right now, I was zero when I got married and 2 when I had my first child.  Pretty soon, I will have been married longer than I have been alive.  Not sure how that is possible, but I tell the kids to look me up in the Guiness book of world records!

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Quiltingranny said...

You make a great point my dear and that is we can never make enough quilts. I have often thought if each person would pick a group a month and make quilts just for that group, how blessed we would all be.
Wounded Warriors in January, Project Linus February, Margaret' Closet March, etc.
How cool it would be!