Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First quilt of 2014

 This was on the machine yesterday and finished up this morning.  A fitting way to end and begin the year.  The tumbler quilts are so fun and easy to make and that's the quilt kit I will be giving away, lots of scrappy goodness.  The pieces are 6 1/2 inches so big enough to go together quickly and makes a generous size quilt when finished.

This is the backing fabric I found at the Goodwill the other day.  It is 60 inches wide and I got two rolls of the blue and two of the red background.  I never have enough boy themed fabric and with 24 yard of each color, that's a lot of boy quilts I can make.  The neutral scrappy tumbler tops are perfect for this backing fabric and I've loaded the first roll of the blue pirates onto the machine and will see just how many other quilt tops I can find that will go with it before I either use it up, have to make other quilt tops or have to switch it out to quilt something else.
We got word yesterday that my husband's brother is having emergency heart surgery today.  He had a pacemaker put in a couple weeks ago and it shocked his heart because it wouldn't slow down.  He went to the hospital Dec 30 and they transferred him to UC San Francisco last night for surgery this morning. We are waiting to hear more news so prayers are appreciated.  He's only 50 years old, but has made some life choices that have led to heart disease.  It's sad to me with all the knowledge out there that people are still making choices they know are bad for them and then end up in a place asking why?  I still pray for the best for him and had better get busy working on his quilt.