Sunday, January 12, 2014

manually quilting again

 Yesterday I had a large quilt loaded on Rebecca, the Robotic machine and I was feeling the need for speed, so I quickly quilted up these two little guys on Pierece, my manual Janome quilting machine.  I haven't used that guy in several months.  The idea was to have both machines going at the same time so I could really blast through the quilts quickly.  Problem is, I'm usually piecing quilts while Rebecca works away at quilting.  But, I really do need to get some things done around here as my friend at work's mother has been speed sewing for me.  She has an industrial sewing machine and I gave her about 50 quilt kits which she quickly sewed up and returned to me after Christmas break.  That means I have 50 more quilt tops to quilt up.  I can't keep up with how fast she is
 This is the big beauty that was on the machine all day yesterday.  It is going to Margaret's Hope Chest when it is finished.  I called my friend Judy this morning who zipped over quickly to pick up all 21 quilts I had ready for her.  She will get the binding on them and bring them back so they can get into the hands of people needing hugs.  This quilt took all day to quilt up, number one because it is big and number two because I picked a pretty dense quilting pattern.  It is a free one, which I love and a pretty one too.  It is a feather leaf type and worked out beautifully on this quilt.  It came out perfectly on the quilt too.  I love when the math works out perfectly and I don't have to stretch or shrink the pattern on the last row.  I'm learning how to make it fit on that last row so it doesn't look too weird.  After so many quilts, it's good to know I've learned a thing or two about long arm quilting.  I still get a pucker or two in the backing fabric which is frustrating.  I have to always remember to pull on the backing fabric to make sure to get out any folds or wrinkles which tend to happen as you roll the quilt.  Sometimes I forget to check the back as I roll the quilt and then sure enough, there is a fold in the backing fabric.  Sometimes it isn't too bad and sometimes I just want to cry.

I love the colors and pattern of this quilt and I know a new mother who receives it will feel the love that went into it.  If you want me to quilt something for you and send it on to Margaret's Hope Chest, just let me know.  I will send you my home address and we can work together to bless new mothers suffering from Post Partum Depression.  Just click on the banner on the side bar for more information about Margaret's Hope Chest and the projects they support.


New Salem Homestead said...

It looks wonderful! I am so glad that it will find a nice home and someone to love it. Jana

Farm Quilter said...

Lovely warm hug filled with love form someone! I have learned that if my backing has seams to put the seams parallel to my rollers and I have fewer problems with the backing getting tucks in it. I do check the underside with every roll, just to be sure. I'd rather deal with the frustrations that come with longarm quilting then to have to deal with hand or DSM quilting!!!