Friday, January 31, 2014

On track to make a big goal

 Here's my collage of quilts I quilted in January.  31 of them.  Yep, that's one a day.  Some days I did three and some days none, but they averaged one a day.  Think I can keep up all year?  It's a lofty goal, but if you don't aim high, you will never reach it right?  I have to admit I wasn't sure I would make it.  I had only 29 done as of this morning and I was just going to be happy with that, but I was so close, I threw the cute little Red, White and Blue one on my manual machine while I had one on the robotic machine and got two done at a time.  That's the way to go.  If only I didn't have a whole list of quilts that needed my attention.
 Like this one for my friend who had surgery for her intestines.  Another friend from work went to visit her this week and came back telling the story of how very sick she really was and how she almost died.  I better get this thing finished up and over to her soon.  She's going to be out at least another month, but it's doing her no good sitting on my design floor.  I should be able to get it finished up tomorrow, God willing.
 It felt good to manually quilt this little guy with some simple loops.  Done in under 15 minutes.  I must load more quilts and get them done.  I got a phone call asking for more baby quilts and these little guys are just perfect.  They are done with the 3 1/2 inch tumbler and are cut in about 5 minutes and sewn together in a couple hours.  If you need a quick and easy baby shower gift, this is it!
And believe it or not, I have about 100 of these quilt tops still waiting to be quilted.  We haven't given any more fabric to the middle school kids because we just couldn't keep up with them last year.  If I could figure out how not to sleep, I might have a chance at getting caught up.  I can get these little guys done in 15 minutes, especially if I have a big roll of backing fabric loaded.  Maybe I will have to do that, after I finish the green quilt and the two memory quilts I must do next.  NO more new projects!


Farm Quilter said...

How lovely to have two LA machines and one computerized! I'm a very slow quilter...the quilt on my frame for a customer has been on there since early December!!! But I do love my custom quilting - I can never "see" E2E or B2B!

Sue Niven said...

You are my inspiration. Love reading your blog.

Texas JennyWren said...

Makes me fell guilty that I sometimes think "I don't have time" for things. You are amazing!! Can you tell me the pattern you used and where to find it for that beautiful GREEN QUILT for the sick friend? LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

Richard Wesley said...

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