Friday, June 8, 2012

4 quilts 2 days, must be summer break

And I'm not done yet today :)
I have a lot of quilt tops around here that need cleaning up, so rather than put them away in a bucket to be forgotten, my method for cleaning is to get them quilted so they can be bound and given to kids who need hugs.  I got a phone call from the Nurse Family Partnership program that makes house calls to new moms who are low income and brings them a handmade quilt along with other baby things and checks up on the new baby and helps out the moms to make sure things are going well.  They asked for 30 more quilts.  I'm so glad I had a bunch on hand, ready to give, but that almost cleaned me out.  Time to get busy this summer so I'm ready for the next call.  The pile on the kitchen table is mostly girl quilts so those will get done first and then onto the bucket of boy quilts that are waiting in the sewing room.

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