Monday, June 11, 2012

Prayers please

My husband's mom got some bad news today.  I drove over to take her to the hospital to get her CT scan and they told her they wouldn't call her unless they found something on the scan.  She wasn't looking well and felt miserable.  The drink they had her take made her sick to her stomach.  We got home, I went to the grocery store to get her some food that she might want to eat since she hasn't really eaten anything in a month and headed home.  On my way home, she called to tell me the doctor had called her.  That couldn't be good.

He told her the mass they found in her stomach is cancer and they found a couple of spots in her lung and possibly liver.  She has an appointment with the cancer specialist tomorrow and I'm heading back to take her to find out what the treatment will be.  My husband's sister lives in Tennessee and is hoping this is the push her mom needs to encourage her to move.  After talking to the doctor tomorrow we will make some decisions.

Prayers needed please!


JustPam said...

I was just going to say a prayer and not comment, but then I thought it would be comforting for you to know that she is in someone's prayers. Prayers for your entire family as you deal with this.

Marjorie said...

Saying prayers for you and your family. My thoughts will be with you.