Thursday, June 28, 2012

quilts for Colorado and Utah

I received an email yesterday asking if I could promise the quilts we were making would not end up going home with the Red Cross workers or other people who weren't affected by the fires in Colorado and Utah.  Here's my response to that letter.  I thought I would share it here on my blog because people often think I'm crazy for making and giving away my quilts.  Most of the people who get them are low income and could easily sell them.  I have no control over what happens to a quilt once it leaves my hands, but pray that it brings the comfort it was made for.

I totally understand the need for caution and cannot promise anything about where the quilts will end up, but it makes me really sad to read that another Binky Leader has been hurt like this. Last year with the Tsunami relief efforts, I was accused of trying to keep the quilts for myself. Yeah, what was I going to do with 1144 quilts in my house? I couldn't even walk through my house because of all of the quilts!

I have had a bad experience in the past with quilts going home with hospital workers, but I can't control everything. I just know that when there is a massive need out there, I need to send quilty hugs to bring hope and comfort to hurting kids. That's why I'm an area coordinator. I do my research and check out the organization or individual I'm going to send to and pray that the quilts will end up where they need to be. Then, I send them and don't worry. I can't control everything.

So, my advice to all chapter coordinators in this effort is to use your best judgement. If you don't have the postage money, please don't feel like you need to send quilts. There are so many local needs that I would never want to take away from those kids.
My chapter really loves to get on board with these large, worldwide projects and crank out the quilts. This one is going to be a quick one for us, and we will only be sending a couple of boxes of quilts for now. Not sure how long the fires will be going or how big the need will be so I don't want to make any long term goals for this, but wanted to put the need out in case anyone else wanted to help. I just hate sitting and watching the news and feeling helpless. I just found out today that some friends of friends lost their house. They will be getting personal quilts from me and I KNOW those will be going to people who need hugs.

Do what you all do best today, comfort kids, be they local or those in Utah and Colorado. I'm so proud to be a small part of this great organization. Thanks Susan for your constant encouragement and support!
 Marilyn Lewis Vacaville Binky Patrol

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