Thursday, June 28, 2012

setting goals and fighting my body

When I set goals, they are just that, goals that I hope to be able to accomplish before a day, week or season is over.  If I can't get things done, the world doesn't come to an end and usually there is nobody around to call me a loser.  That's a good thing because often I set my goals really high and then something in life comes along and I can't meet them.

Like this morning, I decided that I would really like to get 10 quilts done.  I have sooooooo many quilts waiting patiently for their turn to be quilted and with feeling so good yesterday (yay, I think the prednisone is helping) I have high hopes for today as well.

But, wouldn't you know that last night while working in the front garden with my husband I think I did something to my shoulder.  We are removing some rose bushes that are just giant weed patches and have been digging them out a little at a time. Trouble is, Thursday is trash day and we needed to get the green dumpsters filled last night.  That's always a big push to do a little more, work a little harder and push my body a little further than I probably should.

We also had a loveseat that my son and I had been chopping up that was half way chopped.  It had a HUGE paper wasp nest in it that I attacked a couple weeks ago.  Problem is, if you leave the thing alone for a day, they come back and man, these guys build fast.  We should tap into their work ethic and get them to build houses for us.  So, last night I attacked the couch again and sure enough, about 50 more wasps came back again.  We finally got the thing all chopped up and into the trash.  I'm sure the wasps will be back making a new home in the eaves somewhere soon.  Good thing we have an excellent exterminator service.  I just call them and they are out the same day spraying to get them out of the roof.  Well worth the money spent.

Ok, off to work on my goals for the day.  Quilting, exercising, icing my shoulder and cleaning up some more.  Why is there always cleaning on the list of things to do?

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