Tuesday, June 26, 2012


one foot in front of another and I'm 1/4 of the way to my goal.

I took my car in to the shop today and decided to walk at least part way home.  I had my daughter pick me up and almost made it all the way home before she got to me.  I walked 5 miles this morning hoping it would help with my migraine.  It didn't, but I didn't die.  Now, that's a miracle in itself.  All of that work on the elliptical has helped.  I'm up to 6 minutes straight on that thing.  I have no idea how my daughter can go a whole hour on it without keeling over.

One day I will get there.

I'm on day 2 of the prednisone and I'm not sure if it is helping or not.  I have more pressure in my head and when I sit still, my head hurts more.  So, I just keep busy.  I'm working on two quilts for a fundraiser for a girl who has cancer.  She is the friend of the daughter of a the wife of the assistant pastor's wife.  Got that?  They are doing a surprise fundraiser for her.  She has had cancer since 6th grade and is going into 9th grade this year.  I'm making one quilt that they will raffle off and the other as a gift for her.  I laid out the first quilt and need to get the second one cut out.  Good thing I have quilting to keep me busy.  I don't know what people who don't have hobbies/obsessions/insanities to keep their minds busy do when they are in pain.  I guess just sit around and feel sorry for themselves.

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