Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Have you taken Prednisone?

This is a big quilt and it has some issues, but I'm glad to have it out of the waiting to be done stack and into the needing binding stack.  It is made with lots of different types of fabrics, from twill to poly to tshirt to chenile to cotton.  With all of those different weights and feels of fabrics, each one has a different stretch to it, so the person who made it just put tucks in when they couldn't get seams to match.  Not a problem right?  Well, when I was quilting it, my foot got stuck twice.  Not my foot, but my poor Janome foot.  Each time I tried to go over one of those tucks, the foot went under the fabric and then sewed over the tuck and the foot got stuck.  So, I had to cut the foot out, leaving a hole in the quilt.  If you look closely, you will see 4 hears appliqued onto the quilt.  Two of them covered holes that were already in the quilt top and two are from the holes I had to make to get the foot unstuck.

It's a little wonky too.  It kept wanting to stretch on me as I quilted it and it is the biggest quilt my machine will make.  I didn't measure it, but it is a twin size and will be nice and warm for someone.  It reminds me of quilts long ago where they used up the fabrics they had and none of this fancy stuff.  It would not win any awards, but I love it more than some of the quilts I see in quilt shows.  It is a practical quilt and will be sent to Utah this Friday if I can get the binding done.

I will be putting binding on a few of these quilts because I've overloaded my binding Buddy Rhoda with about 20 quilts last week.  She already had a stack of quilts to work on and has a whole list of quilts that she is making.  She is the queen of applique and makes the prettiest quilts without a pattern.  She just finds a picture on the internet and prints it out really big, cuts that out and makes the quilt.  They are gorgeous!  I'll have to share a couple of her quilts here.  She is a self taught quilter too, like many of my Binky Patrol friends.

It seems like the 'real quilters' are too busy spending 2 weeks on a baby quilt to help out with charity quilting.  Those of us who don't really know what we are doing and are just playing at quilting and not following the rules are cranking out charity quilts fast because we aren't worried about what the quilt police will say.  Yeah, they have some tucks and warpy borders, but we don't enter our quilts in shows.  We use them :)

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Jen said...

Marilyn - That sounds like a nightmare quilt! I live down in Modesto, but am totally willing to do bindings for you any time! I'm willing to go for a drive to pick them up! (I have family up north!) Let me know if you're interested in help!