Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Quilts for Colorado, please help out if you can

This was the quick response I got from the Colorado Firehouse Quilters.  I hope you can join me in helping the many displaced Colorado fire victims.  Do you have one finished quilt sitting around that could comfort a child?  Please send it quickly so it reaches Colorado by next Friday.  Thanks so much!  I love how quilters come together when a disaster strikes.

Hi Marilyn
Thanks so much for your concern of our fire victims. Marci Baker is making/collecting quilts for the children displaced by the fires.
Here's the email she sent out below.
Thanks again
Dusty Darrah

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What a difference a day can make!  After sending out the newsletter last week, we headed home for the weekend.  Saturdaymorning, we woke up and noticed a small, thin spiral of smoke in the Foothills.  Little did we know that the fire would spread so quickly and affect so many.  Over 100 homes have burned and the quilting community in Fort Collins is pulling together to help however we can.  For those who would like to help out, The Sewing Circle is calling for new/unused quilts and quilt tops that will be quilted up to give to as many as possible.  If you have a completely finished quilt that you would like to donate, please send it to The Sewing Circle (2948 Council Tree Avenue, #107,  Fort Collins, CO 80525, 1-970-672-2147) by 07/06/12.  If you have an unfinished quilt you would like to donate, please have it to The Sewing Circle by 06/22/12 so that they may have time to finish it.  The Sewing Circle will be hosting two sessions on 07/06/12 for anyone who would like to come in and help finish these quilts.
We are taking one day next week from our normal routine to sew up as many tops as we can from some pre-cut kits that we have on hand.  When I feel so helpless watching the smoke clouds, the flames, and the ash fall, and realize what the people who have been evacuated have to go through, and what the firefighters and volunteers feeding them are doing, it feels good to be able to put my hands to fabric and create something that is both useful and it let's them know I was thinking of them.  As quilters, we do this to offer support.  Many recipients are surprised and amazed that anyone would do that for a stranger.  The joy of giving, especially when it is sometimes the hardest, will be worth every minute spent.  (I was thinking I should not be taking time away from the book I am working on, but the least I can do is give one day, when they have "given" everything.)
So look through your quilts, your stash, and see what you might be able to put together.  Before you send them, let them know they are coming so they know to watch for them.

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