Saturday, June 2, 2012

a positive out of a negative situation

When we were on our trip, coming home, our flight got cancelled through Pittsburgh and the lady at the airport said she could either get us to Los Angeles or Denver.  I had to laugh at her because she said she wasn't familiar with California.  We were flying into Sacramento and she asked if LA was close to Sacramento.  Sure, like a 6 hour drive.  Since my parents live about 40 minutes from Denver and we were going to have to stay somewhere over night, I picked getting to stay with my parents and even picked the later flight home so I could get a couple more hours there.  The negative of having to take an extra day off turned into a positive of getting a treat of seeing my parents and sister's family.

 My sister's oldest son has passed up my daughter, but we knew that was only going to be a matter of time.  He's 15 now and will probably be over 6 feet soon!
 We had enough time in the morning to head out on a long walk with my dad.  They live right next to a 26 mile walking path that goes next to a creek.  So beautiful there!
 My mom and daughter.
 My dad took us out to lunch before we headed to the airport.  He's giving some great advice to my daughter.  Just like he gave us when we were kids.  I hope she listens better than I did :)
My sister and her oldest son.  It's hard to believe he was born 6 weeks early and was such a tiny baby!  What a great blessing it was to have a cancelled flight.

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