Thursday, May 31, 2012

back from a long trip

My daughter graduated on Monday and my little guy and I made a trip that took us on a long adventure.

 We first flew to Washington DC and then to North Carolina to watch her play in her final National Tennis tournament.  Our bags got left behind in DC, but brought to us around midnight at the hotel.  We were tired from the trip, but enjoyed getting to watch her final match.  She lost, but what an accomplishment to make it into the tournament of 32 of the best women from across the country.
 Then, since we had a couple of days until graduation on Monday, little guy and I decided to rent a car and drive up to Ohio where the graduation was.  We stopped overnight in Washington DC and toured the city.  We got to see lots of sights in the 24 hours we were there.  It was a crazy, busy 24 hours, but we had a ton of fun and walked about 12 miles!
The next day, we drove the 7 hours to Oberlin and saw some pretty countryside in Pennsylvania.  Boy was it hot all throughout the east coast!

Here is a picture of my daughter on the weight room wall.  The president of her college says she is the best tennis player the college has ever had and they have been around since 1833.  That's older than me!

You can see her feet in this picture.  She is up on the basketball gym wall under the heading of DESIRE.  There are a few of the star athletes on the wall and it's pretty cool to think she will be remembered for a long time like this!

It was so hot and humid in North Carolina, Washington DC and Ohio that Ice Cream was a must have treat!

You can't tell here, but I'm about to die from the heat.  I have lots more pictures to share, but I'm sure glad to be home in my nice air conditioned house :) We had a great trip and I even found a couple of quilt shops along the way!

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