Saturday, May 19, 2012


I got a pedometer a week ago to try and see if walking would help my migraines.  It hasn't so far, but then, my doctor has changed my medication twice in the last week as well.  Any good science teacher knows you change one variable at a time.  This is changing three at the same time and hoping for one result.  But, I'm using the pedometer to motivate myself to take a few more steps a day.  At first, I was really pushing myself to walk.  And I got shin splints!  Ouch. 

But after those went away, I just try to get a few more steps in before I go to bed.

I got a pedometer for a friend at work that I compete with on practically everything.  We always compare stupid things like how young we look or how beautiful we are, in a joking way and tease each other constantly with the students to try and have them guess who is younger.  (she is by a year)

She comes up to me about 27 times a day and asks for my number or texts me hers.  Most of the time she is beating me unless I can sneak in a quick walk in the morning.  I am late start, so have an extra hour in the morning before I start the day.  She is a very active person who loves to run, so it doesn't surprise me that she beats me almost every day, but it helps to get me out of my chair and moving more.

I just wish it helped with the migraines.

I haven't noticed a difference in number or severity :(

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