Saturday, May 5, 2012

So many more quilts to make

I just found out on Thursday that a lady I work with is now a grandma.  New babies mean new quilts to make!  We only have 19 days of school left and I have quilts to make for:

-My student teacher
-My teaching assistant
-A councilor who has been at our school for 35 years (she is almost 80 years old!) and is finally retiring
-A former student from my first year of teaching at the high school (11 years ago) who is almost like an adopted daughter who is getting married in a month

but what's one more quilt?

Especially when cutting it out only takes 10 minutes?  I already had all of my pink fabrics out for my teaching assistant's quilt and had the tumbler die out so figured I could whip this thing out quickly and sure enough it was put on the design wall last night, ready to be sewn this morning.

I should have this one and the one for the teaching assistant done by Monday.  I need to pick a pattern for my student teacher.  I have her fabrics.  I'm leaning towards a star pattern.  I got the quarter square triangle for the Go! this week and am wanting to try it out so may be some star blocks (cuz she teaches about stars :)

The one for the councilor is harder.  I'm getting so many ideas from everyone that it is going to be hard to put them all together into one quilt.  She graduated from UCLA, loves the Raiders and basketball and fitness and taught PE.  I will have to think on it for a little bit.  Good thing I have a couple other quilts to work on first :)

I am also planning on a 5 day trip in here too.  My oldest graduates from college on Memorial day in Ohio.  She also finds out if she gets to play in the National Tennis tournament again this year on May 9.  If so, my husband, little guy and I will be traveling out to North Carolina to watch her play and having the almost adopted daughter come to stay with the two middle kids so they can stay in school those 4 days we will be missing.  It is a crazy thing to do, miss school for 4 days right before finals, but my daughter only graduates once and this will be her last time playing college tennis.  Not something to miss.  Plus, the students will live.  I've learned that.  Especially after having to miss 6 days of school at the beginning of the year.  They lived then, they will live now.  I just wish I could find a good sub for them.

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