Monday, May 21, 2012

Life has been crazy and it isn't slowing down

I'm leaving in two days to see my daughter play tennis in her last tournament and then graduate from college.  It's weird, since she was just born two weeks ago.  She must be a prodegy or something.  I have no idea how the time went so quickly.  My baby just turned 8 and she is 22, but I'm only 25.  It's weird how time warps like that.

I'm in such a crunch here at the end, I wonder if it will feel like that when my 'end' comes around.  As I brought the retirement quilts to school to show off, people have been asking me if I could make a quilt for this person or that person.  Oh, I will pay you!  I always tell them I don't take money for my quilting.  It is my joy and ministry and talent from the Lord and a gift I give freely.  My payment is the happiness I see on their faces when they get the quilt.  Even if that happiness comes from the back of the quilt.  :)

Did I tell you that story?

The retirement quilt I made for the counselor, the one with the kids and pinwheels?  Well, on the back, I put a piece of Raiders fabric because I heard that she liked the Raiders football team.  Well, she took one look at the front, said, oh, how nice, I turned it over to show her the back and she never looked at the front again.  She has the quilt on her chair at work, draped over so you can only see the back of the quilt :)

All that work that went into piecing all of those people and she just loves that piece of Raiders fabric.  If only I had known, I could have sewn two pieces of Raiders fabrics together and called it done.

I guess she had been a teacher long ago and one of her students went on to play for the Raiders and she got hooked.  She has 6 season passes and watches every game.  He played back in the 70's.

I'm working on finishing up this quilt for another counselor whose mother is having surgery on Wed.  She asked if I could make her a quilt and I said I would try to get it done before I left.  I have to finish it up today.  I was laughing yesterday when I was at Binky Patrol working on this when a lady came in bragging about how quickly she had finished up a quilt.  She said she got it done in 3 weeks.  I cut this out Sunday morning and should have it done Monday night. 

I have three more quilts to finish up before school is over and another one to get done by June 4.  3 weeks?  I could get 10 quilts done :)  But then I'm crazy like that!


Ivory Spring said...

Congrats on your daughter's graduation!!

Charlene S said...

I know how you feel! My granddaughter #2 graduated Saturday from high school which amazes me b/c she is still the 2 1/2 yr old sitting at our kitchen table. I can prove it too since she was laying at the pool Sunday with her head in my lap on Sunday! LOL