Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm in love

Remember this quilt I found this morning?

Well, I need a quilt for my friend who is a councilor and is retiring.  She is almost 80 years old and has been working with children her whole life.  I have searched and searched and looked in magazines, books and on the internet for the perfect quilt pattern.  When I found that quilt online, I knew it was the one.  But, those blocks are so small and I have so little time to get the quilt done.  So, I doubled the sizes of everything and came up with these blocks.

They finish out at 10 1/2 inches by 14 inches.  I added strips to the sides to make them 14 inches square.  I'm going to alternate them with some pinwheel blocks I have already finished, putting borders around those because they are 12 1/2 inches and come up with a quilt that is doable by the time school gets out.  I'm so excited!  I know she is going to love this quilt, I hope as much as I do. 

I'm already trying to figure out which Accuquilt Go! or Studio dies will cut the pieces for me so I don't have to cut my own quilt out by hand.  That is the tedious part let me tell you.  I timed myself sewing and these two blocks took 45 minutes, but I didn't know what I was doing and had to take part of it apart and re-sew.

I have another 3 blocks cut and plan to make a total of 4 more.  I will see how big that makes the quilt.  My friend is a very small woman and I only need it to be a lap quilt so I think I will call it done with 6 children and  6 pinwheel blocks.  Usually a quilt tells me when it is finished.

But, I'm happy to have another one in the works.


One Minnesota Quilter said...

I saw this quilt too and thought it was darling!

Hope you post your finished one.


Vicki said...

So cute and will be loved by your friend. I think that alternating it with pinwheels is a great idea.