Saturday, June 2, 2012

Washington DC

We had a lot of fun in DC.  We took a pedal car ride around the capital mall.

Merry go round.

Air and space museum.  Did you know that all of the Smithsonian museums are free?  Well at least a million people in DC knew that because they were all inside the museum.  Or, maybe it was because it was a thousand degrees outside!

We are used to 100 degree temperatures in Northern California, but not 90 percent humidity.  We almost died!

Our nation's capital.  Boy, do they know how to celebrate memorial day!  Parades, concerts, decorations, and security everywhere.

 and of course monuments.  Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln.  There was no way to get just your picture in front of anyone.  It seemed like everyone was visiting DC when we were. 

I tried to buy this and bring it home for my daughter, but they told me it wasn't for sale.  My little guy said we had to see the Hope Diamond while we were in DC.  Now how does he know about the Hope Diamond?

When I get voted in as President, I will have to work here.  Remember to write in my name on your ballot.  There are enough quilters in the nation to elect me :)  I will get our country back on track by teaching everyone to make quilts.  Nobody will be sitting around with nothing to do and we can cut our energy costs by bundling up in the winter time which will save billions of dollars.  Doesn't that sound like a real solution to our economic troubles?

Although I'm not sure what to do about the heat and humidity of DC in the summer!

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