Wednesday, June 20, 2012

60 days, 60 quilts

I have 60 days of summer vacation left and it seems like the time is ticking away much too quickly!  I haven't really accomplished much (at least for my standards) due to things beyond my control and it is time to start setting some goals for myself.  This morning is my little guy's last day of school.  I have to pick him up in about 2 hours and then his summer break starts.  He will have 60 days of vacation and lots of things are planned for fun.  He will have some tennis lessons which means lots of running around.  I'm sure there will be some swimming and relaxing playing video games as well.  That's his favorite thing to do!

I started cleaning his room this morning figuring what a great way to start off the summer, with a clean room and hope to get that finished up today as well.  Time to get out clothes that are too small and make room for new things.

On the quilting front, I'd like to quilt one thing a day and work on some of my quilting skills.  I seem to get stuck in a rut and keep doing the same things over and over again.  Part of the reason for that is speed and part is comfort and part is because of the limits on my machine.  It is a Janome 1600DB P which means it has a 9 inch throat which gives me about 6 inches of quilting space.  Perfect for my needs, but oh, to dream :)  Wouldn't it be nice to have a 26 inch throat space to move around and be able to make big feathers or larger patterns.  But there are still things I could do with my machine that I just am too lazy to try or don't make the time to do.  It is so easy to do a loop and meander on a quilt and call it done.

The other thing that needs finishing (is it ever done?) is cleaning and organizing the sewing rooms.  Yes, I have now officially taken over a second room with my fabric, mangle (giant iron machine) and cutting table.  It is nice to have the extra room, but now I have two messy rooms instead of just one. 

I have so many projects started that need to be prioritized and given a deadline to either finish or given away.  When I sit down and want to work on something I have to dig through so much stuff to find something that it takes the fun out of sewing these days.  I need a system for putting away so that finding things becomes easier.  I'm not sure I will ever be as organized as so many of you are, but I surely can do better.

I'm working on color coordinating my fabrics and seeing that I have a lot of one color and not much of another which tells me I need to work on getting some of the colors out.  I'll be pairing up backings for my 60 quilts today and organizing that so they are ready to be thrown on the machine.  That should help the fabric shelves.

I'd also like to make a quilt for me by the end of the summer.  After all of these quilts, I've yet to make one and keep it for myself.  I think it is about time :)

I have a few more quilts to make for other people, but no deadlines to be met in the immediate future, at least that I can remember right now.

Off to organize...  Happy Summer!

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