Thursday, June 21, 2012

4 and 5

Two small ones, but these have been waiting a long time.  I had to put borders on each of them before quilting.  The first one gave me troubles with the quilting.  I did the Baptist fans on it and every time I went from left to right, the thread kept breaking.  Right to left was no problem.  Sometimes my quilting machine does that to me.  So, after the third row, I finally decided it would be easier if I just gave in and stopped fighting the machine.  I only did right to left quilting on the last few rows and got done quickly.  The second quilt called for some quilted butterflies to go with the theme of the fabric and of course those came from the Pajama Quilter's video.  I love her work!  Google her name and you will find her DVD's and workbooks.  They are both worth it.  I hope she is coming out with a new DVD soon.  I'm ready to try some new things.

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Ann said...

Hi Marilyn,
So sorry to read about your Mother-in-law, I myself am a breast cancer survivor so I hope all goes well for her.
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