Tuesday, June 19, 2012

dealing with stuff

What a not fun way to spend summer break :(

Dealing with the news of stage 4 cancer isn't the way I planned on spending my summer vacation.  I don't think it is the way anyone wants to spend any time.  Sunday we said our Goodbyes to my husband's mom at the hospital.  We were hoping she would be released and be able to visit her at her house, but that happened yesterday night.  My little guy is still in school until tomorrow and by then she will be on a plane to Tennessee to live with her daughter.

They would only let 3 people in the room at a time so we only got about 5 minutes to chat and spent a long time in the hospital waiting room downstairs.  We had a nice visit with my husband's brother who we haven't seen for a long time either. 

There are lots of issues that need to be worked through in a complicated family relationship.

And then there is this quilt.  I've been working away at it steadily and it needs to be finished by Friday when the wedding is.  I'm hoping to have the top done today and over to Carla's.  I have no place at my house big enough to lay it out so I took it to my classroom today hoping to lay it out on the tables.  Well, they have torn my classroom apart so I just used the floor.  After moving the blocks several times, this was the final arrangement.  It is now pinned together and ready to sew.  It will have a border around it and be checked off the list later today if things go as planned.

I also stopped in to check on my schedule for next year.  Not exactly as I would like, but I never seem to get what I want.  I'm sure it will be just what I need though.  Things always work out for the best.

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