Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The blog comes in handy

The blog is like an online diary and photo storage. My daughter is applying for a scholarship and

I am having a terrible time finding pictures she needs for her application. Where to look? The blog of course! Type in the search bar at the top and it pulls up the blogs that talk about whatever I'm looking for and there are the pictures to go with what she needs. SO, the babbling I do often here isn't for you all :) Sometimes it is for me to go back to. I know I'm going to need to look back when I fill out my headache paperwork. There are about 20 pages of papers to fill out and no way I could remember every day I've had a headache in the last 3 months. No problem. I've written about most of them here on the blog!

So, these are the two quilts I got done after school today, headache and all :)

Hubby is really sick. He went to the doctor and saw the urgent care guy. The guy didn't look in his throat or feel his neck or listen to his lungs, but sent him straight away to get a chest xray to see if he has pneumonia. Nope, xray was clear so he declared him to have bronchitis and gave him three different meds to take. He can't talk and lost his voice yesterday but wasn't sick before that. Didn't instill too much confidence in my husband.


Cheri said...

Your blog may not be for me but it sure encourages me to keep busting my stash. I've been using a lot of your ideas. Thanks & hugs.

Cheri said...

And prayers for both you & your hubby.