Friday, December 3, 2010

Ronald McDonald House and Binky Patrol

Today I took 35 quilts to school to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Sacramento. Three of the girls in the picture here helped make some of these quilts. The girl in the red had organized the toy drive and will be taking all of this stuff plus more that couldn't fit in the picture to RMH tomorrow.
My daughter is in the white shirt and Carla's daughter is behind her. Rhoda's daughter is on the right in the front. All three of our girls help us in our insanity :) They got their picture taken today for the school newspaper. I called the two local city newspapers, but they were a little busy to come out. I'm going to be writing up the story and sending in this picture with the hopes they will use it for their feature articles. One paper said they would for sure use the article and the other didn't return my phone call.
It is exciting seeing all three of these girls excited about quilting! It is nice to pass my obsession (I mean love) of quilting on to at least one of my 4 kids. Someone has to take all of this fabric when I'm gone.

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