Sunday, December 5, 2010

quilts for CASA

Today I'm sitting with a massive migraine. I was doing so well this week and then during church...BAM! I can't figure out a trigger yet. I'm trying to think and keep track of what I'm eating or smelling or how much I'm sleeping or stress levels, but there seems to be no connection to anything.

So, today I had grand plans to finish up grading and work on a couple of quilts for a silent auction this week for my son's Christmas concert at school and organize all of the quilts for the CASA party. Oh well. I will get done what I can and rest up for the week ahead.

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Anonymous said...

As dorky as it sounds, sometimes the trigger is the "moon".... I spent decades trying to figure out the "triggers" and you know it is not just one.... I would have done much better to write down by date each and every thing. Now that I am taking depression medicine.... very small dose..... the migrains are much much better....