Sunday, December 5, 2010

CASA party is WHEN?

I thought I had at least another week before the CASA party and Binky Patrol doesn't meet until next Sunday so when I came home from church this morning, I counted up the quilts I had here and there were only 11 of them left after giving 10 to a family in Dixon whose heat had been turned off and another 35 to the Ronald McDonald House in Sacramento. 11? That's not enough for the 66 kids who are coming to the party. When I talked to the lady who will be taking the quilts to the party, I said I had about 25. Yikes!
I had 5 quilted that need binding and called Rhoda who had 10, 4 done and 6 needing finished. Well, those made the 25 I had promised, but to get them where they needed to be in time is still a question to be answered.
My migraine got really bad today and I took a couple different things and now it is bearable again. I quilted up these two quilts, the cow theme is paired with a farm theme roll of fabric that came from somewhere. It was still wrapped in plastic and says there is 21 yards on the roll. That's a lot of quilts! I have about 15 quilt tops that will go with it and I think I can use it all up quickly. The hardest part about quilting for me is making decisions. I can take an hour to pick a backing, but once the backing is loaded on the frame, it takes about 10-15 minutes to quilt the quilts. With 21 yards loaded, I should be able to get these 15 quilts knocked out in no time.
This music quilt I did before church. I am planning on finishing it up and putting it on the silent auction table at my son's Christmas concert on Wednesday. I was a little bit in a panic to have something for the table, but it really doesn't matter if I get something there or not. Last year I didn't and everyone who was trying to sell something had a lot of fun. 75% of the profit goes towards the band account and let me tell you, Band is very expensive! My son wants to go to a honor band camp in February that is about $400. Maybe he should get a job mowing lawns or something :) Not really. We pay for the girls to play tennis, but it doesn't come all at once.

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