Tuesday, December 28, 2010

why are they UFO's?

With all of the talk in blogland about UFO challenges, I got to thinking about all of my UFO's. I didn't think I had a lot of UFO's in my stash, but today I opened up a bucket and came across quite a few. It made me wonder why they are unfinished objects. What makes me start a project and then abandon it.
This was one such project. It is now a finished top. Once they get to this stage, I consider them done. It is now hanging on the rack, waiting its turn to be quilted and gifted to a soldier. It will most likely end up close to home, here at Travis AFB to a wounded soldier. I have two others waiting to be quilted and that will happen pretty quickly because I'm running out of tops waiting their turn. That scares me a little bit.
But, back to the question about why I start something and then not finish it.
I have lots of reasons actually and as I go through my projects, I'm going to start posting my excuses and then list reasons why I am finishing them.
This project was started more than a year ago, probably more like two years ago. I was on a real QOV (quilts of Valor) kick and cut out a whole bunch of these guys. I think I just got burned out on sewing the red/white/blue colors. I sewed all of the blocks, but then didn't put them together. I haven't had a design wall for about a year and so didn't have any place to lay out the blocks. I didn't want the same pattern touching so needed some place to lay the blocks out before sewing it together. I've pulled this one out many times thinking it would be quick to sew together and then realized I had no place to lay it out and put it back in the bag. I was also missing some pieces and figured they would turn up somewhere. Well, they didn't and I just sewed together what I had and am calling it finished.
Done is better than perfect and this one is done and ready to be quilted and gifted. Now, onto the next UFO.
I'll have to post about my design wall. It is pretty clever if I do say so myself.
I also quilted the quilt for my daughter's boyfriend's mom and plan to put the binding on tomorrow. I LOVE it. This one will be hard to put in the mail. I will definately have to make one for myself. My new banner is a sneak peek at it!

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Alycia said...

I think the lack of a design wall is a viable excuse!