Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A sad day

Today I went into the garage to look for the Christmas decorations and found out that the mice had gotten into my Nativity set. You can see from the beans on the ground here that I had stuffed them with beans to make them stand upright. I hadn't put them up well last Christmas and they were in an open bucket and the mice found them. I made them about 10 years ago and had made several sets and given them away as gifts to all of the kids' teachers. They smell so badly that I just can't save them.So, I set the scene up one last time and took some pictures so I will remember what it looks like so I can make it again. This time I will stuff them with plastic beads instead of beans!
And I learned a valuable lesson. If you value something, take care of it. Put it away when you are done with it and protect it from these little guys!

When I was cleaning out the garage, look who came out to see what I was up to! I took about 20 pictures of him as he watched me clean. He sure is cute!

We headed to WalMart and got lots of traps. So far in the hour since I've set them I caught one and there are at least 2 or 3 in the trash can in the garage. I have a big, empty 30 gallon trash can that they get into but not out of. I wonder how many of these guys are living with me. We live right next to a field and it hasn't stopped raining for days. Another big storm is coming tonight. Sorry, guys, there is no room at this inn. Tell your friends you are not welcome here!

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Hillbilly Handiworks said...

I am so sorry. That Nativity set is really cute! The mouse is too. But they sure are stinky and messy little things!