Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting a handle on UFO's

All the talk on the net about UFO's or UnFinished Objects has me thinking and looking at my unfinished projects differently. As I pull each project out and think 'how did you get shoved in a bag, stuck in the bottom of a bucket?' I try to analyze what caused me to stop working on this project.

Yesterday, I worked for several hours on a few UFO's and got them further along in their process. I found a whole bucket of tiny quilts. Most of these were given to me tiny. They are great for incubator quilts, but I just never found the time to finish them up. I haven't been to the hospital in a long time to make a delivery. My regular Volunteer coordinator retired a couple years ago and so I have lost contact with a good friend there. I never see the new lady and it just isn't the same walking in and dropping things off and not having anyone recognize you and say thanks. Most of the quilts we make nowadays go to bigger kids so the incubator quilts wait their turn for a trip to the hospital. They will go soon, because I have quite a few that Carla and her gang have given me. I just wish I still had a friend at the hospital to greet me. Sad excuse not to make the trip more often :(

Yesterday I added a border to one of these quilts and make it a bit bigger. Now it is more useable for a bigger baby. There were other crumb blocks I had started a couple years ago that I was making for cat quilts when my daughter volunteered at a cat rescue center. She doesn't volunteer there anymore so I just joined 6 of them together and now have another top ready to quilt.

I also pressed some strips and cut them (one set I cut wrong, so will have to think about how to set those) and have two more sets of blocks ready for the design wall.

I think there are about a dozen small quilts that are now out of the box and hung up and ready for borders or something to make them more useable before quilting.

This morning I have an appointment with an eye doctor through Kaiser to see if somehow my eyes are the problem with my increased migraines. Right on cue, I had a horrible migraine yesterday that didn't go away last night. While I hope they find something...I do not want to wear glasses!


Michelle said...

Glasses would be far easier to deal with than migraines.

I know what you mean about dropping things off without having a friendly face to give them to -- that's why I've come to a screeching halt on my baby quilts. But I have a new plan. Hope that'll help me get my motivation back!

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

I don't like just dropping quilts off either...and probably wouldn't without someone to coordinate with.

Sorry about the migraine...yet again!